Le Bruit qui Pense 424 avec the Sound of Nissa (Tristan de Carbon) - Cent mille dollars au soleil – Fast (Cassandra Chesnay - Lucie Mahé) - Mix Album The ABCs of Anarchism (Negativland) - Klangstudie 2 (Herbert Eimert) – Dazata-Tat (Fissure Shaft) - Before the change (p o q) - Chains collaboration between Radiant Opaque and Xensboy (Xensboy & Radiant Opaque) - 2 Indian elephants growling and trumpeting, with some footsteps in undergrowth,chewing noises (BBC) – Empurany-07 – Instinct (Dvx Bellorvm) - Elle et moi (Ayato & Anton Mobin) - Meet my dad (The Elsewhere Skunks) - Act VIII – Mutation (M.NOMIZED) - Spain One horse exercised in outdoor riding school, with lots of birdsong, subdued chatter, children playing in distance & distant traffic (BBC) et Kdi Dctb (Cedric Peyronnet)
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