‌Electric Mary:" let me out"

Live Report du LOCOFEST 

Billy Gibbons:: "misssin' yo ' kissin" (vinyle)
Blackberry Smoke: "shakin' hand with the holy ghost" (vinyle)
Vanderberg: "shit storm "(vinyle)
Bullet: "fuels of fire" (vinyle)
The Cult: "honey froma knife" (vinyle)
Thunder:"she likes the cocaine" (vinyle)
Zombie Motors Wrecking yard:  "galactic mother fucker" (vinyle)
Killing Joke: "exorcism" (vinyle)
Two: "leave me alone"
Punish Yourself:"rock n roll machine"
Ministry"just one fix" (vinyle)
Eisbrecher: "was ist hier lost?"
Mammoth Mammoth: "hell's likely"
Overkill:" ironbound"
Emigrate:"rock city" (vinyle)
Nailbomb: "wasting away" (vinyle)
Pretty Maids: "bad boys" (vinyle)
H Bomb: "exterminateur "(vinyle)

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