‌Trtistitia: "beholder's tears"
Little Bob story: "high time" (vinyle)
Desaster: "end of tyranny"
Brutus: "brave" (vinyle)
Slipknot:"eyel e ss"
The Saints: "messin' with the kid "(vinyle)
Children of Bodom: "children of decadence"
The Who: "substitute" (vinyle)
Summoning:"the glorn disappears"
Birthday Party: "big jesus trash can" (vinyle)
Maniac Butcher: "midnight empire"
The Lords of the New Church: "russian roulette" (vinyle)
Funestia: "sick season"
Slade: "take me bak'ome" (vinyle)
Ortnit:"brunne und rose"
The Scientists:"when fate deals the mortal blow"(vinyle)
Radio Birdman:"anglo girl desire" (vinyle)
The Stranglers:"no more heroes"

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