Emission spéciale IRON MAIDEN !! Quiz battle + Chansons ; mais pas les singles habituels !!!

* "PROWLER"  (The Soudhouse Tapes-1979) Vinyle RARE
* "Murders in the Rue Morgue" (Killers-1981)
* "Phantom of the Opera" (Live After Death-1985) Live
* "Judas be my Guide" (Fear of the Dark-1992)
* "Revelations" (Piece of Mind-1983)
* "Starblind" (The Final Frontier-2010)
* "Children of the Damned" (Book of Souls Live Chapter-2017) Live
* Killing the Dragon (piège DIO !!!) 
* "Montsegur" (Dance of Death-2003)
* "The Duelists " (Powerslave-1984)
* "Justice of the Peace" (inedit des sessions X-Factor/Best of B'Sides-2002)
* "The Nomad" (Brave New World-2000) 
* "Sea of Madness" (Somewhere in Time-1986)
* "The Greater Good of God" (Legacy of the Beast Mexico-2020) Live
* "Futureal" (Virtual XI-1998)


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