Ce lundi nous avions le groupe METEOR en interview pour la sortie de leur new album "Echec et Mat" . Egalement playlist spéciale Hellfest .

* ORANGE GOBLIN "Sons of Salem" (new-Hellfest)

* ORDEN OGAN "The Things We Believe in" (Hellfest)

* IRON MAIDEN "For the Greater Good of God" (Hellfest)


* METEOR "Echec et Mat" (new)

Interview Meteor

* METEOR "Place aux Machines" (new)

* RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR "Tyson" (vinyle - Hellfest)

* MALKAVIAN "Ultimatum" (Hellfest)


* PRIMAL FEAR "Out in the Field" (cover Gary Moore - Hellfest)

* MALEMORT "Mille Regards" (Hellfest)

* MADBALL "Old Fashioned" (new- Hellfest)

* BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Her Voice Resides" (Hellfest)


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