Therion: "dark princess Naamah"
Sliders: "wannabe"
Existance: "deserve your love"
Tobruk: "running from the night" (Vinyle)
Malevolent Creation: the will to kill

Live Report du Courts of Chaos 
Witch cross:" nightflight to Tokyo" (Vinyle)
Butcher: "Iron bitch"

Live Report du fest  Anthems of Steel

Slayer: "black magick" (Vinyle) 
Algor:"in the land of resinous tears"
Scalare:"the wine of satan "(Vinyle)
Satan: "twenty twenty five" (Vinyle)
Fortress: "wasting my time" (Vinyle)
Shlohmo: "the end" (vinyle)
Heir Apparent: "tear down the wall"

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