* MEGADETH "Return to hangar" (20 ans !!) 

* NOKTURNAL MORTUM "As Steel Eagle into Golden Svarga"

* ICON OF SIN "Survival Instinct" (new)

* MANENUIT "Gemmes de Nuit"

* GREAT WHITE SHARK "Tapis Rouge" (new)

* MARILLION "Jigsaw"

* PROPHECY "Our Domain"

* YYRKOON "Censored Project" (ils sont de retour !!)

* HELLOWEEN "Skyfall" (new)

* IMPALED NAZARENE "Cogito Ergo Sum"

* ALICE COOPER ""Sister Sarah"

* XENTRIX "The Red Mist Descends"

* JUDAS ISCARIOT "In the Valley of Death Iam their King"

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