* DISFUNERAL "Feastering the Undead" (new)

* ENLIGHTENMENT "Spines" (new m&o)

* ADAGIO "Second Sight" (métaltèque idéale RH 2000)

* ANSWERD "Hope" (new m&o)

* THE SAINTS "Know your Enemy"

* DIVERGENCY  "Burn like Hell" (new m&o)

* THE OLD DEAD TREE "Out of Breath" (métaltèque idéale RH 2000)

* VAN ZANT "Lonely Girls"

* DIO "Holy Diver"

* HOT HELL ROOM "Twilight" (new m&o)

* TOKYO BLADE "Rock me to the Limit" (vinyle)

* ALLEN LANDE "Silent rage" (collector)

* SAVATAGE "Sirens" (vinyle)

* U.D.O "We will rock you" (new-cover Queen)


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