* METALIUM  "Metalium" (r.i.p Lars Ratz)

* STONE HORNS "From Amourphous to Hydra" (new)

* STILLE VOLK "Letherenn" (vinyle)

* ENTOMBED AD "Torment Remains" (r.i.p LG PETROV)

* JADES "Ready or Not"

* CHILDREN OF BODOM "Downfall" (r.i.p Alexi Laiho) 

* LAST ADDICTION "The Red Tape" (new)

* PRETTY MAIDS "Destination Paradise" (live 2002)

* EXODUS "Salt the Wound"

* MORBID ANGEL "Immortal Rites"

* GOATMOON "Warrior"  (vinyle)

* H.E.A.T  "Living on the Run" (live)

* GOJIRA "Born for One thing" (new)


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