Ce fût une émission avec 90% de nouveauté

* BLACKRAIN "Killing Me" (new)

* VOLKER "Bitch" (new)

* MOTORHEAD "I Got Mind"

* SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE "I Ain't Fallin' Again" (new)


* SPEKTR "Your Flesh is a Relic" (new)

* MYRATH "The Needle" (new)

* LODY KONG "Dreams & Visions" (new)

* WHILE MILES "Crazy Horse" (new)

* TAAKE "Atternat"

* BLACK STONE CHERRY "Rescue Me" (new)

* OBSCURA "Akroasis" (new)

* EL ROYCE "Dead in the Morning"

* AMON AMARTH "The Way of Vikings" (new)

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