* OBSCURA "Diluvium" (new)

* VARGSANG "Deathgate to Eternal Life"

* DARK INSIDES "On Death Row (feat Jo Amore)"  (new)

* RINGS OF SATURN "Parallel Shift"


* LUCIFER "Dreamer" (new)

* MOONSPELL "1755" (vinyle)

* SINSAENUM "Final Resolve" (new)


* WOODS OF INFINITY "Old Songs" (cover Barry Manilow)

* TNT "Tears in my Eyes" (new)

* NATTEFROST "Terrorist"

* MINGAWASH "Chope ton Biker" (new)

* DORO "Raise your Fist in the Air"

* YATTERING "The Feeling"

* BLOOD DUSTER "She's a Junkie nu corporate"

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