Evenflow:"ocean of lies" (new-m&o)
Monnekyn:"ape sorrow" (new-m&o)
Radio Birdman: a"loha steve and danno" (vinyle)
Dusk of Delusion:"taking the hit" (new)
itw Dusk of Delusion
Dusk of Delusion:"lionheart bastard" (new)
Anvil:"forged in fire" (vinyle) .... concert à nantes 4/11
Wolf Mother:"10000 feet" (vinyle)
Dark Throne:the hardship of the scots
The Frost:"help me baby" (vinyle)
Laibach:"i am morbid" (cover Morbid Angel)
Micropoint:"i am morbid" (cover Morbid Angel)
Wayne Kramer:"crack the universe"

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