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Metal from the Crypt 11-07-2022

‌The Cramps:"she'sgot balls"
Autumnia:"blessing your illness"
Killers:"le pouvoir sans la gloire"
Immolation:"fall from a high place"
Anubi:"mirties metafora"
Savatage: "d t Jesu"s
Valuatir:"les bannis"
Children of bodom:"deadnight warrior"

Metal from the Crypt 04-07-2022

* ISLANDER  "Skin Crawl" feat Head/Korn  (new)

* MAYHEM  "To Daimon"

* CROSSING RUBICON "100 Thousand years" (new)

* TESTAMENT "The Haunting"

* THE RAMONES "I wanna be your Boyfriend"

* THE HALO EFFECT "The Needless End" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 27-06-2022

* SVART CROWN "Thermageddon"

* OVERKILL "Solitude"

* KORITNI "Heart Donation" (live Hellfest 2012)

Live Report d'Iron Maiden à la U Arena /Paris 26/06

* MITEUX "Humidity and Seedy Lust"

* MIDNIGHT SORROWS "Between Sun and Moon" (m&o)

* ELEND "Birds of Dawn"

Metal from the Crypt 20-06-2022

* MALEMORT "Ball Trap" (live Hellfest 2018)

* SATYRICON "Angstridden"

* IRON MAIDEN "Mother Russia" 

* DODSFALL "Odemarkens Morredal" (vinyle)

* LOUDBLAST "Sublime Dementia" (live Hellfest 2010)

* CARPENTER BRUT "Imaginery Fire" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 13-06-2022

* ENLIGHTENED "Electric Worry" (cover Clutch)   Hellstage 16/06 - 17h20

* DESILLUSION "Vision d'Apocalypse"

* HEAVENLY "A better Me" 

* INNER TEARS "Wake Up" (new-m&o)

* DARK FORTRESS "Analepsy" (vinyle)

* BROKEN HOPE "Blast Frozen" 

Metal from the Crypt 06-06-2022

* GLOOMY GRIM "Corps of Doom" (r.i.p Agathon)

* AUTOPSY " Bridge of Bone"

* NOMED "The Trial" (collector)

* JOURNEY "Positive Touch"

* BE PERSECUTED "The Stranger"

* BORN AGAIN "Metal Wings" (new)


* SORTILEGE "Gladiateur"

Metal from the Crypt 30-05-2022

* MNEMIC "Diesel Uterus" (r.i.p Guillaume Bideau)

* SALE FREUX "Edelweiss"

* JEROME MAZZA "Immortal"

* SCARVE "Emulate the Soule" (live inédit-2002 /rip Guillaume Bideau)

* NECROWRETCH "Sprawl of Sin" (vinyle)

* ONE WAY MIRROR "As you are Now" (r.i.p Guillaume Bideau)

Metal from the Crypt 23-05-2022

* EXECUTION "Lost in Nothingness"

* STONEWITCH "When the Smoke surrounds the Fear"

* RONNIE ROMERO "Backstreet Love Affair" (new-cover Survivor)

Report ANTHEMS OF STEEL Fest IV  (jour 3)

* FIREBUG "Change" (new-m&o)

Metal from the Crypt 16-05-2022

* SEEDS OF MARY "Somewhere between me & myself"

* MACABRE "Jack the Ripper"

* SURVIVOR "I'm not that Man Anymore" (live 85')


* MOTION WAVE "Chief of the Family" (new- m&o)

* SPOUT BIG SPACE "All Song So Long" (new-m&o)

Metal from the Crypt 09-05-2022

Alestorm: "captain morgan"
Cauchemar: "les ailes de la mort+ le gardien de la terre"
Elend: "ethereal journeys"

Live Report Court of Chaos 


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