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Metal from the Crypt 03-01-2022

‌FEIGUR " Désolation"
CARPATHIAN FOREST "in league with satan" (vover Venom)
IMMOLATION  "Reluctant messiah"
YGG " Ygg"
SATYRICON " Mental mercury"
NEW ASSHOLES " Trop raide"
DAMNATION " From the abyssland"
CYNDI LAUPER  "I drove all night"
HATE FOREST  "To the north of pontos axeinos"

Metal from the Crypt 27-12-2021

‌Shining:Vemodets arkitektur
Hellhammer: chainsaw
Break the circle: not dead
Daubgurz: lost in the forest
Mercyless: vinyl, exhort the heretic
Désillusion: vinyle, addiction
Harfang: océane collector
Metallica: seek and destroy vinyl
Emperor vinyl collector: I am the black wizard

Metal from the Crypt 13-12-2021

Emission spéciale IRON MAIDEN !! Quiz battle + Chansons ; mais pas les singles habituels !!!

Metal from the Crypt 06-12-2021

WAR INSIDE  "The Stink""
WORST DOUBT  "intro + Dehumanized
REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER  "intro + Ascension" (vinyle)
RAINBOW " Kill the king" (vinyle-live 1977)
LOBOTOMY  "Underground thrash killer"
WALDTEUFEL  "wir rufen deine wolfe"
ARKHON INFAUSTUS  "Brethren of flesh" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 29-11-2021

Ce lundi , nous recevions nos confrères de METAL ZONE (Oxygène Radio/Segré) pour un super featuring !

Metal from the Crypt 22-11-2021

‌TURBONEGRO : "Fuck the world"
FENRIS "D.b.c.s
DEEP PURPLE  "Black night" (7")
DEICIDE "Black night" (cover deep purple/gold vinyl)
THIN LIZZY : "Don't believe a word"
BELPHEGOR: "Diabolical possession"
BLUE OYSTER CULT  "Hot rails to hell" (vinyl)
WASP  "Rebel in the f.d.g"

Metal from the Crypt 15-11-2021

‌FACTORE HATE: "you're in the nightmare"
NTM: "On est encore là"
ALICE COOPER "The black widow" (vinyl)
DARKTHRONE " Transilvanian hunger"
ALAN STIVELL " brezhone'g raok" (vinyl)
LORD GALLERY  "Beauty killer"
STEEL RANGERS  "Shattered dream"
MYRKUR : "Elles kud" (vinyl)

Metal from the Crypt 08-11-2021

* MASS HYSTERIA "Plus qu'aucune Mer"  (ri.p Stephan Jaquet)


* CRADLE OF FILTH "Crawling King Chaos" (new)

* DAWN HARBOR "In Disgrace" (new)

* CENOTAPH "Lorn Ends"

* EXISTANCE "Highgate Vampire" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 01-11-2021

* CRIZIX "World Needs Mosh" (new)

* OVERKILL "Infectious"

* ROBIN MCAULEY "Standing on the Edge" (new)

* LES CHANTS DE NIHIL "Les Reines de Verre"


* DREAM THEATER "The Alien" (new)

* DARKTHRONE "Nastassja in Eternal Sleep"

Metal from the Crypt 25-10-2021

Emission avec en guests : Gay Friendly + Greed

* DREAMCATCHER "The Man would be Good" (new)

* COUTIN "Regarder les Filles (vinyle)


* GAMMA RAY "The Silence " feat Ralph Scheeppers (live - New)

* NARGAROTH "I Burn for You"


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