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Metal from the Crypt 02-05-2022

* CRAZY HAMMER "Pray for God" (new-m&o)

* DEVOURMENT "Field of the Impaled"

* NIGHT DEMON "100 mph" (new- cover Cirith Ungol)


* BAIT "Forlorn Soul"

* MARILLION "Script for a Jester's Tear"

* SILVERCHAIR "Tomorrow"

Metal from the Crypt 25-04-2022

* DISFUNERAL "Feastering the Undead" (new)

* ENLIGHTENMENT "Spines" (new m&o)

* ADAGIO "Second Sight" (métaltèque idéale RH 2000)

* ANSWERD "Hope" (new m&o)

* THE SAINTS "Know your Enemy"

* DIVERGENCY  "Burn like Hell" (new m&o)

Metal from the Crypt 18-04-2022

* AUDREY HORNE "Devil's Bell" (new)

* EXHUMED "Enucleation"

* HEAVENLY "Number One"  (métalthèque idéale Rock Hard)

* DEADWOOD "Snakebite" (new-m&o)

* DRUDKH "Everything Unsaid Before"

* MANIGANCE "Le Bal des Ombres" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 11-04-2022

‌Pest: "burial"
Morbid angel: "day of suffering"
Type o negative: "i don't wanna be me"
Hellscrack: "some of them"
Angmarr: "morte blanche"

Metal from the Crypt 04-04-2022

* LOFOFORA "Tricolore")

* TIGERLEECH "Hiigh Level Bullshit" (concert Rezé 8/04)

* GROUNDBREAKER (feat Steve Overland !) "Soul to Soul" (new Frontiers)

* SEE YOU AT SUNSET "Capitalism" (new m&o)

* SIRENIA "Save me from Myself" 

Metal from the Crypt 28-03-2022

‌Sturmpercht / Raunacht: "zur ew gen ruh"
Dark throne: "I am the working class"
Xentrix: "bad blood"
Dorminn: "dorminn"  (special edition) en concert à Nantes le 30/03
Hass: "satanic sheep soup"
Hollow: "crawling my way out"  (new m&o)
Death: "out of touch"

Metal from the Crypt 21-03-2022

* THERION "Initials BB" (cover Gainsbourg)

* PLACEBO "Haemoglobin"

* RIOT V "End of the World"

* JUDAS PRIEST "Reckless"

* RUE DE LA FORGE "L'union fait la forge" (Vendée !!)

* BURNING DEAD "Convicted" (new)

* HOAX "An Eye for an Eye" (collector)


Metal from the Crypt 14-03-2022

‌Grand Alchemist:  "a nailed visual effect"
The Verge: "eccentric girl" (new)
D A D: "sleeping my day away"
Pensées nocturnes: "le rat des gouts" (concert Nantes 18/03)
Haemorrhage: "gore gourmet +we are the gore"
Sapthuran: "3"
Bolt thrower: "silent demise" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 07-03-2022

* JINJER "Judgement & Punishment" (from Ukraine

* NOKTURNAL MORTUM "Steel eagle Into Golden Svarga" (from Ukraine)

* BLACKWHITE "We live to Rock" (vinyle-collector)

* SPIRAL ARCHITECT "Conjuring Collapse"

* HATE FOREST "Anxiously the sleep in Tumull" (from Ukraine)

Metal from the Crypt 28-02-2022

‌The Soundroots: "we are the soudroots" (concert le 4.03 à La Minute Blonde /Fontenay)
Miximetry: "feeling" (new)
Sub power Sun: "parasitic noise" (new)
Raunacht: "dem schikasalsfeld entzegen"
Blake optimism: "knives as apparatus"  (45t)
Serenity: "the way I bleed"


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