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Metal from the Crypt 03-05-2021

* FLESHCRAWL "Soulskinner"

* HEAVENLY "Liberty"

* OCTANE "Parasite" (new)

* PLANTEC "Djin Ar Vezh"

* SPEED ROCK MACHINE "Désir" (new)

* BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT "Paint the Sky with Blood" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 26-04-2021

* METALIUM  "Metalium" (r.i.p Lars Ratz)

* STONE HORNS "From Amourphous to Hydra" (new)

* STILLE VOLK "Letherenn" (vinyle)

* ENTOMBED AD "Torment Remains" (r.i.p LG PETROV)

* JADES "Ready or Not"

* CHILDREN OF BODOM "Downfall" (r.i.p Alexi Laiho) 

Metal from the Crypt 19-04-2021

* SHINING "Lât Oss ta alit fran Varandra"

* CULT OF LUNA "What I leave Behind" (new-vinyle)

* WINDIR "Blodssvik"

* ORCHID "Marching God of War" (vinyle)

* KILLERS "L'Assassin" (live)

* MOTORHEAD "Train kept a Rolling"

* GRYLLE "Loz en Croissant"

* HEADS "Legavaan Satellite" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 12-04-2021

* SAVAGE MESSIAH "Swamp of Torment" (vinyle) 

* BETHLEHEM " Dorn Meiner Allmacht" 

* KING DIAMOND "Room 17" (vinyle)

* WILD WEST "Loneliness of the Wolf"

* MURPHY "Panic at the Campus" (new)

* NIGHTWISH "Passion and the Opera"

* FHOI MYORE "Chair Monde" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 29-03-2021

* MISANTHROPE "Desponsation"

* AUTARCIE " La Nuit Descend"

* BATHORY " In Conspiracy with Satan"

*  DRUDKH " Distant Skies of Grave"

* EMPEROR " Ye Entrancemperium"

* MANZER " Meatre é Cun pagnum"


* BLACK SABBATH "Am I going Insane ? "

* HELLEIM " Baklengs not Intet"

Metal from the Crypt 26-10-2020

* HAWKING "Urban Guerilla"

* MERCYFUL FATE "The Ghost of Change"

* DESILLUSION "Fin d'une Vie"

* CANDLEMASS  "House of 1000 Voices"

* DROPKICK MURPHYS "Signed & Sealed in Blood"

* RORY GALLAGHER "Missisipi Sheiks"

* DERNIERE VOLONTE "La Nuit Revient"

* REDDURT "Frustration Boogie"

Metal from the Crypt 19-10-2020

* SNAKE EYE  "Sail Away"  (r.i.p Dom Morroni) 

Bonjour + Hommage Dom Morroni

* CARPATHIAN FOREST "Every Day I Must Suffer"

* LAMB OF GOD " New Collosal Hate" (new)

* XIPE TOTEK KALPUL "Luvia De Sangre"


* SILENT DAWN "Asylum" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 12-10-2020

* VAN HALEN " Can't Stop Lovin'You"  (r.i.p Eddie Van Halen) 

Bonjour + Hommage Van Halen

* CRISIS "White Youth"

* VAN HALEN "Ain't Talkin' bout Love"

* MAGIC DANCE "The Mirror"


* CYADO "Liquid Mind" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 05-10-2020

* WILD WEST  "Spread your Wings" (r.ip "Tony" Hacault )


* DEATH IN JUNE "Peaceful Snow" 

* LELAHELL "Paramnesia" 

* QUEENSRYCHE "Queen of the Reich" (live 2001) 



* ANATHEMA "A dying wish" (groupe en stand by...)


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