Un peu en retard, voici la tracklist de la playlist de Lundi dernier, presque 80 chansons en 1h ! :

Ramones - Judy is a punk
Angry Samoans - Lights out
7 Seconds - Bully
Black Flag - Wasted
Crass - System
Dead Kennedys - A child and his lawnmower
Minor Threat - Bottled violence
Gorilla Biscuits - Good intentions
Youth of today - Stabbed in the back
Youth of today - Standing hard
Sick of it all - Blatty (Human egg)
Bad Religion - I want something more
Good Riddance - Eighteen seconds
NOFX - Fuck the kids
No use for a name - Sara Fisher
Lagwagon - Hurry up and wait
Los Callejeros - Our time down here
NOFX - Juice head
Teenage Botllerocket - Freak out!
Blink 182 - Family reunion
The Offspring - Intermission
NOFX - Fuck the kids II
Anxiety Attack - Tough shit
Berurier Noir - Napoleon
Ludwig von 88 - Les fantastiques aventures de Mr. Mcdonald au pays des merveilles
Les cadavres - Dieu seul le sait
Leptik Ficus - Rock'n'roll & flatulences
Charly Fiasco - Monsieur Pierre
Justin(e) - Treilleres über alles
Justin(e) - Viva world cup
Poesie Zero - Boomer S
Poesie Zero - CRS
Les betteraves - Si j'avais un marteau
Wank for peace - The more we drink, the worse we sound
Uncommonmenfrommars - iEl Canario!
Stupelip - Salo therapy (ft. Salo)
Poesie Zero - Constamment sous C
Youth Avoiders - Youth Avoiders
One Thousand Directions - Nothing new tonight
Santa Cruz - Money money money
Coupe gorge - Haine
Stinky - Labyrinth (ft. Gus)
Crossface - Codebreaker
Champion - Decisions made
Floorpunch - My path
Floorpunch - Persevere
Get Lost - Don't believe the hype
Have Heart - To us fool
The first step - Get wise
Teenage Wasteland - You can't give me a break
Teenage Wasteland - Nobody else
Have Heart - Life is hard enough
Iron Reagan - Bet on black
Kid Dynamite - Heart a tact
Kid Dynamite - Sweet shop syndicate
Minority Unit - Times
Minority Unit - White brigade
Madball - Hardcore still lives
Vitamin X - Bad trip
Cornered - Infected
No Turning Back - Never give up
Minor Threat - 12XU
Sum 41 - A.N.I.C
Justin(e) - Gosses de riches sous coke
Get Lost - Step up
Anti Flag - Bring it to an end
Black Flag - Spray paint
Dead Kennedys - Nazi punks fuck off
Move on - Freedom of speach
Hightower - Motion sickness
Municipal Waste - Pre game
OFF! - Broken
H2O - Skate!
Uncommonmenfrommars - Guess what
OFF! - Darkness
Stinky - Way out

Bonne écoute ;)


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