Saison 12 épisode 525 Martin Newell, ancien jardinier londonien sera comparé à Ray Davis (non pas pour sa coupe) ou à Andry Partridge d'XTC pour sa musique psychédélique lunaire à sauce extraterrestre anglaise.... humour loufoque, acuité du regard et satire seront sur les ondes de Graffiti, ce soir....

La Playlist:

Summer In A Small Town - Johnny The Moondog Is Dead - Fracas On West St. - Heroin Clones - Golden Lane - Late Night (Syd Barrett Cover) - Living With Victoria Grey - Let's Get Married - I Was A Teenage Idiot - Clockwork Train - Sand Dragon - She Dreamed She Could Fly - Goodbye Dreaming Fields - Before the Hurricane - We'll Build A House - The Greatest Living Englishman - Home Counties Boys - A Street Called Prospect - The Jangling Man - The Green Gold Girl Of The Summer - Charlotte's Room - When the Damsons Are Down – Goodnight Country Girl - the Girls In The Flat Upstairs - Lions Drunk On Sunlight – She Was Never Drowning – Mrs Van Houten Coffe Shoppe - Arcadian Boys - The Blue Beret - Ursula In A Waiting Room - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - Queen Phyllis Of Colchester - My Old School - Sailing to America - You made it rain -

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