Emission 798 Moby – seconde émission - 2002, 18 Moby reprend les choses exactement là où il les avaient laissées il y a
trois ans avec l’album Play: dans son salon de Manhattan, entouré de ses machines, de ses samples de voix blues et soul, piqués sur des disques vinyle oubliés
La Playlist:
At Least we Tried - We are all made of stars - Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) - Another Woman - One Of These Mornings - Lift Me Up - Temptation - I Love to Move in Here - Shot in The Back of the Head - The Broken Places - Stella Maris - The Violent Bear It Away – Lacrimae - Everything That Rises - A Case For Shame (with Cold Specks) - The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne) - The Lonely Night (with Mark Lanegan) - Mere Anarchy - Like a Motherless Child - This Wild Darkness - Falling Rain and Light - The Ceremony of Innocence - The Middle Is Gone - All Monrning Side – My Only Love
Bonne Ecoute...
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