* SEPTIC FLESH "Science"  en concert en Novembre 2024 à la Roche s/Yon

* THE OFFSPRING "Have you Ever"

* MARK SPIRO "Don't leave Me in Love"   (R.I.P)

* HECATE "Les sanglots de Maldoror"

* SOMETHING ANIMAL "Dove"  (new)

* HELLIXXIR "XXX" (live 22/04/2017)

* CARE OF NIGHT "Caught Feelings" 

* ORDEN OGAN "The Things we believe in"

* ABBYGAIL "Magic Finger"

* XENTRIX "Shadow of Doubt"

* GRAND "Out of the Blue"  (new- Frontiers Records)

* GEORGE THOROGOOD "Get a Haircut"

* SOLACE "Indolence"

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