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Metal from the Crypt 25-09-2023

‌Aorlhac:"la révolte des tuchins" en concert au Muscadeath ce week
Blockheads:"bow down+misery" (vinyle)  en concert au Muscadeath ce week
Beck Bogert + Appice:"living alone" (vinyle)
Ruim: "black royal spiritism" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 18-09-2023

* PATRICK RONDAT "Backhand"  (Live 1997) 

* OCTAVUS LUPUS "Chant à la Lune" (new-m&o)

* MOONSPELL "Magdalene"

* UNDER THE CONFLICTS "Normality"   en concert le 22/09 aux Herbiers (85) !! 

* OZZY "Ghost Behind my Eyes"

* SLASH "C'est la Vie"

Metal from the Crypt 11-09-2023


* NINA SCOTT (feat P.Rondat) "No Easy Way Out" (vinyle)    France

* LEE AARON " Rock me All Over"    Canada

* LITA FORD "Kiss me Deadly" (vinyle)          Usa

Metal from the Crypt 04-09-2023

* PESTILENCE "Demise of Time" (Ré-édition 2023 de "Spheres")

* XANDRIA "Ghosts"

* BERNARD MINET METAL BAND "Conan l'Aventurier" en concert à Nantes le 9/09 

* SACRAL NIGHT "Les Mirroirs de la Lune" en concert au Pyrenean Warriors Open Air

Metal from the Crypt 28-08-2023

Alice Cooper: "big boots" (new)
Sisters of Mercy: "Alice" remix
Ejecucion: "in endless fall"
Moonspell:  "the antidote "(vinyle)
Emperor ":sworn "(remix)
Tigers of Pan Tang: "only the brave" (vinyle)
System of a Down:  "toxicity"
Torche:"admisiion" (vinyle)
Batouchka: "V"

Metal from the Crypt 21-08-2023

* NECROWN "Despair"  (en concert le 26/08 au Barbeuk Metal Fest)

* HOUSTON "Live Forever" (new)

* ANOREXIA NERVOSA "Châtiment de la Rose"

* DEADWOOD "Eyes in the Sky"  (en concert le 26/08 au Barbeuk Metal Fest)

* MARE COGNITUM " The Firt point of Aries"

Metal from the Crypt 14-08-2023

Trance:burn the ice
Savage grace:into the fire
Maniac:you don't know it
Triumph:follow your heart
Cyclone:long to hell
Riot:black leather and glittering steel
Attacker: battle at helmes deep
Living death:you and me
Madmax: starcrossed lovers

Metal from the Crypt 07-08-2023

Resistant Culture: "hang on nothing"
Acid:  "the day you die" (vinyle)
Kiss:  "hard times"
Woods of Infinity: "Ett forlorat barn"
Killer: "shock wave" (vinyle)
Joe Satriani: "war" 
Silent Kingdom: "land of the old"
OStrogoth:"fullmoon eyes" (vinyle)
Duff Mckagan: "swamp song"

Metal from the Crypt 31-07-2023

‌John lee Hooker
Rolling Stones:"it's only rock n roll"
Slade:"hear me calling"
Status Quo ":spinning wheel blues"
The Sweet: "ballroom blitz"
Foghat:"slow ride""
Ganafoul: "danger
Deep Purple:"black night"
AC:DC: "go down"
Uriah Heep: "real turned on"

Metal from the Crypt 24-07-2023

* BELLADONNA "Stress your Mind" 

* DUSK OF DELUSION "The Snap" en concert au JAUNE METAL FEST le 29/07

* DIVAHAR "Blindness"

Live Report ROCK A BLOCK Fest pt.1 



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