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Metal from the Crypt 26-07-2021

* KANSAS "Point of Know Return" (r.i.p Robby Steinhardt)

* AFFLICTION GATE "Memories of A Battle Field"

* YATTERING "Unormaly Zone"

* Y.BLUES "Desert"

* AUTARCIE "France Profonde" (new)

* SALE FREUX "L'envolée de Circé" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 19-07-2021

* CINDERELLA "Nobody's Full" (r.i.p Jeff LaBar)

* STILLE VOLK "Pan Domna poc"

* POWERWOLF "Bête du Gevaudan" (new-version française)

* GRAVEN "Raven's Call of Death"


* MAYHEM "Voces Ab Alta" (new)

* ZAR "Cry of the Nile" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 12-07-2021


* MALEDICTION "Le Fils de Satan" 

* IRON SLAUGHT "Code of Steel"

* AETHERIA CONSIENTIA "Asopor hos altering Odissey"

* EPSILON "Who are You"

* GLACIATION " Ultime Eclat"

* HERZEL "La Flamme"

Metal from the Crypt 05-07-2021

* CAUCHEMAR "Le Vol d'Isis"

* SKID ROW "King of Demolition" (r.i.p Johnny Solinger) 

* KARRAS "Dark Days" 

* SEEDS OF MARY "Bleed me Dry" 

* LES ALABRES "La Révolte"

* ALICE COOPER "Paranoiac Personality"

* EYES (se) "This is Us" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 21-06-2021

* ALPHA BLANK "To Survive" (new)

* ANVIL "Forged in Fire" (vinyle)

* BLACK SABBATH "Paranoid" (live avec Dio- vinyle)

* THIN LIZZY "Dancing in the Moonlight" (live-vinyle)

* BLESSED IN SIN "The Fire thar Burns my Soul" (vinyle limité)

* SAXON "747 Stangers in the Night" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 14-06-2021

* VULCAIN "L'enfer" (live)

* INFINITYUM "Sons of the Sun"

* SETH "Ex-Cathédrale" (new)

* FLESHCRAWL "Carved n Flesh" (r.i.p Sven Gross)

* STEEL RANGERS "Slaves of Addictions" (new)


Metal from the Crypt 07-06-2021

* GRYLLE " France qui te veut du Mal" 

* ACCEPT "Princess of the Dawn"

* DARKESTRAH "Gleaming Madness"

* BRISEN "Hills of Thunder"

* MANZER "Torment of the Styx"

* STURMPERCHT/RAUHNACHT "Der Tausendjahrige Eiche"

* DESTROYER 666 "Sons of Perdition"

* STEEL RANGERS "Erotikommander"

Metal from the Crypt 31-05-2021

* ADX "Division Blindée" (live)

* SICK OF IT ALL "Machete"

* GOATMOON "Way of the Holocaust Wind"

* NEO INFERNO 262 "Hacking the Code"

* DUSK OF DELUSION "Slain in the Desert" (new)  + "So Long Atlas" (new)


Metal from the Crypt 24-05-2021

* MEGADETH "Return to hangar" (20 ans !!) 

* NOKTURNAL MORTUM "As Steel Eagle into Golden Svarga"

* ICON OF SIN "Survival Instinct" (new)

* MANENUIT "Gemmes de Nuit"

* GREAT WHITE SHARK "Tapis Rouge" (new)

* MARILLION "Jigsaw"

* PROPHECY "Our Domain"

Metal from the Crypt 17-05-2021

* SEPULTURA " Antichrist"

* NAWATHER "Breath of Jasmin" (new) 

* ANOREXIA NERVOSA " Stabat Mater Dolorosa"

* WOODS OF INFINITY " Forbjuden Frukt"

* MIRIZON " Nothinf Left to See" (new) 

* KORYPHEUS "Goliath" (new)


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