* FIREHOUSE "All She Wrote"    R..i.p  C.J Snare

* BELL WITCH "The Clandestine Gate"  (en concert le 21/04 à Nantes)

* NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE "Dreaming of Oblivion"  (new)

* KOLDKRYPT "Holocauste Global"

* KING KOBRA "Home Sweet Home"  

* PRIMAL FEAR "Running in the Dust"

* ANGELUS APATRIDA "Architects"   (en concert à Limoges le 20/04)

* GRAND ALCHEMIST "Sensemachine"

* KISS "All  Hell breakin' loose"

* KAMIZOL-K "Horny Time"

* PESTILENCE "Land of Tears"  (en concert à Limoges le 20/04)

* GUNS N' ROSES "My World" 

* DOOL "Harmagorgon"  (new)

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