‌TURBONEGRO : "Fuck the world"
FENRIS "D.b.c.s
DEEP PURPLE  "Black night" (7")
DEICIDE "Black night" (cover deep purple/gold vinyl)
THIN LIZZY : "Don't believe a word"
BELPHEGOR: "Diabolical possession"
BLUE OYSTER CULT  "Hot rails to hell" (vinyl)
WASP  "Rebel in the f.d.g"
KISS   "Rock bottom"  ( vinyl)
VIRAL LOAD  "Backwoods brutality"
MOTORHEAD  " iron horse"  ( vinyl)
MASSACRE  " plains of insanity"
STEPPENWOLF  " the pusher"  ( vinyl)
IRON MAIDEN  "The thin line between love and hate"
JEFF BECK  "Stratus"   (vinyl)
DARK FORTRESS  "The silver gate"  ( vinyl)
CREAM "Sunshine of your love"  ( vinyl)

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