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Metal from the Crypt 28-11-2022

‌ALESTORM :"nancy and the tavern wench"
HIGH GAIN ":my own way"
FISH:"shadow play"
TITAN :"mourir ailleurs"
OIKOUMEN :"burnout" (new)
Interview Oïkoumen 
OIKOUMEN :"amandla" (new)
EMBRYIONIC CELLS "don't serve your king"

Metal from the Crypt 21-11-2022

* DEEP PURPLE "Pictures of Home"  Ian Paice en concert au Quai M cette semaine

* BAD KINGZ " I'm Seeing Blue" (new - m&o)

* MONOLITHE "Ignite the Heaven Pt 1" en concert Ferrailleur cette semaine

* SANG FROID "Death came to Me" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 14-11-2022

* ENMITY "The Enemy Below" (new m&o)

* UK SUBS "Warhead"

* ANGRA "Nothing to Say"

* DOMINOE "Here I Am"

* GHAST "Terrible Cemetery"

* THE SOUNDROOTS "The Fighter" en concert le 20/11 + Steel Rangers à l('AK SHELTER

* KOLDKRYPT "Agoraphobie"

Metal from the Crypt 07-11-2022

* UNDER THE CONFLICTS "Braindead" en concert à St Gilles X Vie le 12/11 

* IMMOLATION "Noose of Thorns"

* SONATA ARCTICA "Shamandalie"(live)  en concert le 12/11 à Nantes

Live Report Festival Metal Vouziers Pt 1 

* ANATHEMA "Shroud of Frost" 

Metal from the Crypt 31-10-2022

Evenflow:"ocean of lies" (new-m&o)
Monnekyn:"ape sorrow" (new-m&o)
Radio Birdman: a"loha steve and danno" (vinyle)
Dusk of Delusion:"taking the hit" (new)
itw Dusk of Delusion

Metal from the Crypt 24-10-2022

* FAIRYLAND "Ride with the Sun" (RIP Philippe Giordana)

* DUSK OF DELUSION "Shadow Workers" (new-Fantaizic)

* BLOODBATH "Carved" (new)

* WILD WEST "1:11" (new)

* SKID RAID "No Life"

* NO RETURN "The Only One" (new)

Metal from the Crypt 17-10-2022

‌Black Label Society:"love unreal"
Graven:"of darkness sorrow and hate"
Mutterlein:"lesbian whores and witches"
Necrocultus:"the equinox of unburried ones"
Mutterlein:"a mass for it"
Nick Cave:"the mercy seat"
Randy California:"day tripper" (vinyle)

Metal from the Crypt 10-10-2022

‌Summoning: "tears disappears"
Virium:"vlad tepes"
Bathory:"born for burning"
Nine Treasures: "morit dalai"
Ad Baculum:"bloodthirsty"
Amon Amarth:"for the stabwounds in our backs"
Cannibal Corpse:"staring through the eyes of the dead+blowtorch slaughter"
Kvalia:vinyle face A

Metal from the Crypt 03-10-2022

‌Oranssi Pazuzu:"taivaan portii"
Exhumed:"open the abscess"
Coffins:"grotesque messiah" (live)
Emperor "funeral fog" (cover Mayhem)
In Element:"scorpion's paradox" (new)
Carivari:"earth veins"
Thin Lizzy:"suicide" (live)

Metal from the Crypt 26-09-2022

* MOTORHEAD "God Save the Queen" (live-cover Sex Pistols)

* THE VERGE "Keep the Head Up" (new- m&o)

* MARDUK "Frontschwein" 

* INHUMATE "It's Back"

* HEAVEN's COLT "Solide comme le Metal" (new) en live le 1/10 à Pouzauges !


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