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Metal from the Crypt 19-09-2022

Ce lundi , nous recevions HEAVEN'S COLT pour la sortie du nouvel album "Solide comme le Metal' .

* SOILWORK "Overgivenheten" (new-r.i.p David Andersson)

* CARPATHIAN FOREST "Sadomasochistic" (live)

* THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA "Something Mysterious" (r.i.p David Andersson)

Metal from the Crypt 12-09-2022

* THE OBSESSED "Razor Wire"  (r.i.p Dave Sherman)

* NO RETURN "Star at my reflexion"

* 91 SUITE "Reach Higher" (new)

* KOLDKRYPT "Aux Oubliettes" (new)

Interview Koldkrypt + le black metal en Turquie !!!!

Metal from the Crypt 29-08-2022

URFAUST "der gottesverachter"
HAIRCUT:"get a haircut"
ESOTERIC "circle"
U BILAM:"acceptance"
EXTREME UNCTION ":where the flowers grow"
VIKTIMS :"busherie"
MOBUTU ":goin to hellhest"
CRADLE OF FILTH ":thirteen autumns and a widow"
INHUMATE "bleargh"
NOSTROMO "sunset motel"

Metal from the Crypt 22-08-2022

‌Blood Incantation: "chaoplasm"
Snake Eye: never enough
Kampfar: "dominians"
Placebo:"days before you came"
Neo inferno 262:" the next vessel"
Symphony X:" fallen"
Immolation:" an act of god"
Leviathan:" the bitter emblem of dissolve"
Candlemass: "house of 1000 voices"

Metal from the Crypt 15-08-2022

* PINK CREAM 69 "Seas of Madness"

* UK SUBS "Keep on Running"

* THE HALO EFFECT "Days of the Lost" (new)

* DEMONAZ "All Blackened Sky"

* REVENGE "Oath Violator"

* THE 69 EYES "Still Waters Run Deep"

* GUNS N ROSES "Back off Bitch"

* HEAVENLY "Fullmoon"

Metal from the Crypt 08-08-2022

‌Evol:"chierisco grigio"
Metallica:"ain't my bitch"
Venom:"sons of satan" (rare)
Iron Maiden: "Wasted years"
Lee aaron:"lady of the darkest night"
Ayers"Bottoms up"
Bérurier noir: "soleil noir"
Def Leppard":private property"
Goatvermine:"mort aux traitres"

Metal from the Crypt 25-07-2022

* LEE AARON "Powerline" (Fest de Vouziers en octobre !!!)

* IMPALED NAZARENE "For those who have Fallen"

* MUNICIPAL WASTE "Grave Dive" (new)

Live Report ROCK A BLOCK FEST part 1 

* MAGIC DANCE "Still Haunting Me" 

* BRISEN "Thoughts in the Wind"

Metal from the Crypt 18-07-2022

*  BEHEMOTH "Blow your Trumpets Gabriel" (live) métalthèque Rock Hard

* VIRAL LOAD "Beetlejuice Bukkake"

* JOURNEY "Don't Give Up on Us" (new)

* TAAKE "Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmet"

* BRUCE DICKINSON "Return of the King" (bonus de Chemical Wedding!)

* MANIAC BUTCHER "666 Invaze" 


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